So, here we are! A new website, a new life, a new ALL!


…yeah, it doesn’t look that different. Fortunately, I’d say. But the core of the website is now a thousand times more powerful. Which makes me proud and happy.

As you may notice, a few things have changed here and there. For example, now you can navigate through a calendar, and browse through chapters more easily. Every page has characters in it, that you can filter through the search bar up there. Wanna see all the pages with Biro in it? Now you can. No shit. That’s common for everyone, but I arrived just now in this whole new world, so yay!


Also, but not less important (quite the contrary–!), a new Patreon section can be found, which means you can support me and get tons of goodies in return! Goodies that’ll keep updating over time. Seriously, arbitrary commissions like it’s raining out there. Check it out!


Not much to say, except for… well, thank you all. If you read this and/or reach this website, you’re amazing enough to deserve my warmest hugs’n kisses. Keep being awesome folks. Love you all!